Justin Odisho Super 8 Film Overlays

20+ Super 8mm Film Grains & Textures including:

9 Film Grains and Overlays (Black, White, & Green Screens)

7 Unique Film Burns & Leaks

4 Film Strip Starts and Ends

3 Different Types of Kodak Film Stocks (50d, 200t, 500t)

(+ 40 Bonus Stills & 2 Sound FX)

Works in any video editing software (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut, Avid, Davinci, and Vegas etc.)

Available in 4k Resolution (4096 x 3112) and Standard HD (1920 x 1459) options.

Shot on vintage Canon 518 Super 8 Camera and digitally scanned in ProRes quality.

Justin Odisho Super 8 Film Overlays download (9GB)

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