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    Thanks to the development of computers, software, digital cameras and social networks, the video industry is growing rapidly. Many people leave their boring jobs to start building their own careers in video production. Starting with promotional videos for local stores to wedding videos, and beyond, they can open a studio, develop themselves on social networks, make movies, music videos, etc. .. With that, more and more amateurs are turning to learn about video production. Since then, the market has responded to the demand by producing resources to make editing easier, producing courses for beginners, etc. After that initial period of time success, it exposed many problems such as assets not as advertised, products are too expensive, assets are too difficult to use, instructions are difficult to understand, style is not easy to imitate, arbitrary use of video effects, ''Cinematic'' no longer carries the original meaning,... Thus, was born. We share the best content you are looking for. We make it easier for you to find content among thousands of uncategorized Internet content. We do not upload indiscriminate content, everything posted is filtered. We've posted thousands of free, varied content for the most popular software. Full of tools and resources for you to learn and edit professional videos. Along with that, we also buy and trade, join groups buy to be able to provide more content. Therefore, these plans are our initiative to maintain the site. You can think of this as a way to support us. Any of your donations are valuable to us, they are the motivation for us to upload new content daily. All hidden content will be unlocked after you join the plans below. Thank you for coming here, wish you to use them effectively and create more creative content. MATE TEAM.
    This plan is for users who have a long-term plan with the site and can request resources from markets like Envato Market, Motion Array. This plan also helps you save more money, just 6.2$/month. In 2022, inflation makes the PRICE of everything seem to increase a lot. Hope you understand that we bought lot of stuffs at seemingly double the price of the stuff we bought in 2020. In the end, this is just an option, the choice is yours. You can download anything you want with Gold Plan below. In addition, we want to make sure you get what it's worth so this is the only plan that lasts longer than 1 month.
    BASIC PLAN - Gold Content
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