• The benefit of Premium users is similar to Gold users. However, this plan is for users who have a long-term plan with the site and can request resources from markets like Envato Market, Motionarray,,, Musicbed, Soundsnap... This plan also helps you save more money, just 5$/month. Finally, this is just an option, the choice is yours. You can download anything you want with Gold Plan below. Thank you.
    This plan was created to bring more benefits to the paid members, protect important content,... It also helps maintain the functionality of the site. The benefit of gold users is downloading hidden files. They are files that are really valuable to members. This plan does not include uploaded stuff. You can download them for free without being hidden. The price is not too expensive at all. Just 7.95$/30days. So Even if you don't need to download them, please don't forget that your donation is the motivation of our work. Thanks, &Best regards, Matesfx.

Attention Please :

  • Clear browser cache before downloading .
  • If you have any problems with your payment and account , please contact email: [email protected] for help. We will reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you ,
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