Sound Ideas Zombies Sound Effects free download

Zombie Sound Effects is a collection of designed sound effects created by Sound Ideas’ audio engineers using material from various Sound Ideas collections.

The Zombie Hoard Sounds include:
The Awakening, Feasting on Human Brains, Stripping Human Flesh, Zombie Hunters in search of the Undead, the Hoard Approaching, Packs of Zombies form Large to Small that Growl, Moan, Mumble and Shuffle.

The Individual Zombie Sounds include:
Moaning, Grumblinq, Snarlinq, Roaring, Hissing, Growlinq and Grunting. There are Raspy Growls, Hungry Groans, Screechinq Moans, and Furious Snarls.

54 Zombie Sounds
Available ass a Download
16/44.1 Wav Files

Sound Ideas Zombies Sound Effects free download

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