[Gold Plan] Kreativ Wedding Grading LUTs 2019

This is our new LUTs based on our grading. In this pack there are also all the information how we set our cameras (ONLY SONY’s a7s2, a6500 and a7iii)

In this pack there are 14 LUTs based on our grading. The main LUT is the NEW KW 5_a7iii, this lut is the first one that we created and the one that we are using on 90% of our footage today.
The others are LUTs that we converted to get the most similar result on other cameras and picuture profiles: A7s2, a6500, also for sony cine4 and one for cine 4 less saturated ( _cine 4_LS)

  • Gh5 in vlog and cinelike.
  • For Fuji cameras there is the flog version. – For Canon Clog.
  • For Dji dlog and dcinelog.
    Then there are 2 LUTs for controlling the skin tones. These luts should be applied for getting the skin less saturated or more reddish.
    Video with the explanation of our camera settings and how we grade with these LUTs.
    The LUTs can be used with the most photos and video editing softwares (PC/Mac) that support .cube files: Adobe photoshop (CS6 and +)
    Adobe After Effects (CS6 and +)
    Adobe Premiere (CS6 and +) Davinci Resolve
    Final cut Pro x
    And more….
This stuff is for Gold User

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