Total Size of Samples:
6.96 GB
Total Number of Files:
Format and Resolution:
.WAV 96k 24bit resolution

Description: Add Hybrid Game Sounds library, a modern collection from Epic Stock Media, to your collection. Hybrid Game Sounds contains over 4,400 sounds and files: over 2,000 sound sources, over 2,200 synthetic and design sounds, and 20 high-quality music loops as a bonus to help you add the finishing touch to your project.

Hybrid Game Sounds was released specifically for game makers and sound designers, but at the same time, this melting mix of sounds is a definite source of inspiration in any audio for video and film production and will emphasize action, movement and gameplay anywhere. 
This massive collection of diverse sounds contains gloomy overtones and flickering swips, sci-fi technologies, groups of game sounds, sounds of various locks and unlocks, achievements, goals, and even weapon textures. 
All sound files have a resolution of 96k / 24bit for the most sensitive audiophiles and make this collection fully ready for console and gaming platforms for PC.

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