Videohive 3041850 Art Factor After Effects Templates free download

  • Full HD 1920×1080, 1280×720
  • no plugins required
  • no prerenders
  • 10 placeholders (but you can add more)
  • 32bpc
  • you can add unlimited scenes
  • lots of controls to edit
  • video tutorial teach you:
  • how to add your own image and text
  • how to add the music in the preview if you purhase it
  • how to make distortion respond to other music
  • how to add unlimited numbers of scene
  • link to font included
  • images from preview are not included
  • audio by DEYCH Adrenaline of Fear
Format AEP
Who can downloadVisitor, Gold User
DownloadFast Speed
Art Factor Videohive 3041850Download

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