8mm Film Grain Pack| Motion Array 198400 FREE DOWNLOAD


8mm Film Grain Pack is a stock motion graphics pack that features 4 clips of grainy overlays for 8mm film. The clips come in 4 color schemes: wine, ash, moss, and tobacco. It can be used in a composition with a blending mode in your video. This 1920×1080 (HD) bit of video is perfect to use in any project where you want to create a retro theme. Download this clip today, and add it to your next video, intro, or Youtube video. Take your video’s production value up a notch, and blow away your audience. Download now and create your video with the look of an old 8mm camera!

  • H.264
  • 1920X1080 (HD)
  • 30 FPS

Music not included: 8mm Film Camera Sounds can be downloaded separately.

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