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Easier Than Ever with Smart Interface. Compatible with Mac & Windows. Requires Adobe After Effects CC2015+ installed on your computer. Your Command Centre. Our propriately Smart Interface is constantly adapting to your actions, making it is easier than ever to use Photomotion. Developed by leading user experience designers to make sure you don’t need to read tons of tutorials to start using Photomotion. Save & Take with you. Working on multiple computers just got easier. Photomotion doesn’t require installation so you can simply move your project to another computer and continue working where you left off. Comes with full support for Windows and Mac OS.
One-Click 3D Particles. 36 Fully Integrated Particle Systems. With the new Photomotion X you can add professional 3D particles to your scene with a single click. Photomotion will automatically animate them for you so you don’t need to spend any time at all and your image will immediately look more engaging. Most popular: Snow, Rain, Leaves & Petals, Dust, Time - Freeze +24 more particle systems.
One-Click Seamless Loops. Auto-Loop. Create infinitely long animations with our new auto-loop feature. One click and Photomotion will calculate all loops for you. Boomerang. Prefer boomerang effect? Photomotion X comes with one-click function to create boomerang animations for you. Packed with 100+ Features. Photomotion X is the largest photo animation toolkit ever created, packed with features to help you create stunning images easier. 5 products in 1, Scene Relight, Camera Follow, Eyes Scale, Face Makeup, Slideshow Builder, Resolution Previews, Auto-Loop +92 more. Variations. Create variations of your animation for different channels without re-animating your image again. This allows you to create multiple versions of the same animation in just a few clicks. Photomotion Presets - Export different variations of your animation for different channels without need to re-animate your image. Buy Once. Animate Forever. We created Photomotion to help more people get into photo animation. Limiting how many pictures you could convert would go against our vision. We don’t put any limits on number of pictures you convert with Photomotion.
Start something big. Start with Photomotion X.
Portrait - Photomotion Portrait is the most advanced and feature rich projection for animating portrait photos. With most sophisticated projection engine on the market.
Use X-ray - Let our proprietery Photomotion Xray calculate 3D mesh by simply choosing positions of your eyes and nose. True Depth - Photomotion uses professional 3D body scans to give you the most realistic depth maps you can get. Move in 3D space - Use Smart Interface to move your face in real 3D space, add particles, enhance your animation and export your video. Glacier - Photomotion Glacier can create engaging cinemagraphs by freezing a part of your video while the rest continues to play in seamless loop or boomerang animation.
Import Video - Import a video into Glacier where you will be able to stabilize it and make it ready for the next step. Freeze - Freeze one or more areas of your video by simply drawin a mask around it. All inside of After Effects. Auto-Loop - Glacier will automatically calculate seamless loops for you, so you can export your final video to any length. Mirage - Photomotion Mirage combines the power of animating water, skies, smoke and others with our auto-loop system to create illusion of a movement in your photos.
Mask - Import an image and create a mask around the area you want Mirage to animate. All inside of After Effects. Mesh Move - Mirage will calculate a mesh in your masked area and give you tools to animate it however you want. Seamlessly Looped - Mirage will then automatically caculate a seamless loop for you and let you export infinitely long animation. Horizon - Photomotion Horizon is a professional 3D projection without the need to learn or use any 3D software. This is the most feature projection in Photomotion X.
Use 3D Cage - Horizon uses our special control system for setting up a real 3D space by using intuitive user interface controls. Add Objects - Add objects to your scene such as people and let Horizon do the hard work of calculating their real 3D position. Animate & Export - Horizon offers the most advanced tools for photo animaiton. Use them to create stunning end results. Parallax - Photomotion Parallax combines the power of Photomotion engine with the simplicity of parallax effect to create beautiful animations in no time.
Add Background - Add the main layer to Parallax. That’s usually a background of your image. Add Layers - Add multiple objects into the scene, position them wherever you want and build your own 2.5D scene. Have Fun! Move the camera by using our Smart Interface and watch your layers come to life without need to set-up animations manually.

The largest photo animation toolkit ever created.


Animate any face with the most advanced portrait projection on the market.


Create truly engaging cinemagraphs directly inside of Photomotion.


Make your skies, smoke and water move with our new Mirage toolkit.


Professional 3D projection for truly photorealistic results. Completely revamped in Photomotion X.


Create stunning animations by combining simple parallax effect with the power of Photomotion.

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