[Gold Plan] MOVA 200+ Cinematic Titles Pack

MOVA is our brand new SIGNATURE cinematic titles collection for Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effects.

We’ve spent countless hours in pre and post production to realize that that having such an amazing titles collection is not only a great time-saver, but also takes your video way to the next level.

That is why our team has created what we believe to be the BEST and the BIGGEST Cinematic Titles pack sold on the web. It’s new, it’s edgy, it’s what you need. The quality is just outstanding.

What’s included: 200 titles: 4 categories + bonus pack as well as Adobe Premier instrucitons. Titles come in Adobe AE Project files and .mogrt files for Adobe Premier as well as a set of video instructions.

  1. 200+ Unique Professional Titles
  2. No plugins required
  3. Color control
  4. Drag and drop

Home: https://video-presets.com/products/mova-200-cinematic-titles-pack

MOVA 200+ Cinematic Titles Pack download

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