[Gold Plan] FlatPackFx – Light Leaks Transitions Pack

Light Leak Transitions includes 15 Amazing Light Leak Transitions for editors. Filmed using a digital cinema camera, take your video to the next level with beautiful soft light patterns. Where other light leaks are digitally made, these light leaks were shot in-camera, so they have subtle natural design changes that can’t be imitated.

  • Fast drag & drop workflow.
  • 15 Light Leak Transitions.
  • Full HD Ready.
  • Works with a wide range of editors.

This Pack Includes:

This is pack includes: 15 Amazing drag and drop Light Leak transitions.

1) Just simply import the Light Leaks into your favourite editing program. 2)Simply change the blending mode to “Screen”, if your unsure just check with the program your using.

Format MOV
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