1,200+ files
2+GB of Samples
All in 96k/24bit
Game Weapon Sound Library
Perfect for Sci-fi Productions and battle scenes
Synthesized and Organic Weaponry
Sci-fi Machine Gun Loops, Blasters
Single Shots, Bursts, Textures, Repeaters
Foley Firearm Discharges
AR-10, AR-15, M1A1, 556, Pump Shotgun, Assorted Small Arms
Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles
Great for Sound Designers and Game Devs
Improves Work Flow
Saves Time, and reduces work effort


Pave your way through a crowd of zombies. Protect the king and the country, the spaceship or your home galaxy from certain harm. The cyber weapons library comes with weapons and futuristic firepower. Ideal for games, videos, films and television production. Everything is in 96-bit format, so you can probably stop your searches right here and now. This futuristic sound library includes sound effects such as plasma shooters, various mechanical weapon textures, designer single samples and loops, futuristic explosions and explosions. If you are looking for weapon sounds for your video game, look no further.

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