BLUELUTS – Pack 3 – The Cine LUTs free download

BLUELUTS - Pack 3 - The Cine LUTs
BLUELUTS - Pack 3 - The Cine LUTs

LUTS designed specifically for Sony CINE profiles.

This pack INCLUDES the Tahoe LUT!

A pack of 10 different .cube LUTs designed with your CINE footage in mind. These luts WILL work with other “flat” camera profiles, however they are designed for Cine4 and Cine2 so results may vary and additional adjustments may be needed. They have been thoroughly tested on Sony Cine4 and Cine2 picture profiles.

As with all LUTs, these LUTs are designed only to be used as a base to your color correction. Because every clip is unique, no LUT will be a one-size-fits-all solution to your entire video.

BLUELUTS – Pack 3 – The Cine LUTsFast Speed


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      That is the main reason this site cannot become popular. You cannot spend money and time on doing something for free.

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