Now you do not have to kill anyone to get this kind of sounds! There is no need to interact with the mafiosi anymore, there is no need to hold meetings with the killer, and there is no need to lure unsuspecting victims to your place of recording! This disgusting collection contains the vile sounds of zombies, massacres, punches, cuts, cod bones and much more. Epic Stock Media created Bloodlust to satisfy game developers and sound designers by providing them with an audio arsenal of battle sounds and warfare.

1,000+ Designed and Source Files 
1 + GB of Samples 
All in 96k / 24bit 
Game Gore Sound Library 
Perfect for Games and Film 
Delivers Sickening Audio Assets 
Saves Blood, Guts and Fear 
No Lives Lost During Production 
Aquire Bloody Impacts, Stomps, Breaks 
Bashes, Rips , Tears, Cuts, Slices, Peels 
Spurts, Squishes, Smashes, Gut Opens 
Blood Spills, Flesh Chunks and Head Drops 
Goo, Alien Sac Opens, Drips, 
uices, Bone Breaks, Snaps, Hits, 
Crunches, Gore Movements and Textures 
Blood Farts, Stab, Split, Gib-lits, Touches, 
Wet Slides, Swooshes, Swatches, 
Squeezes, Pours, Massacres, Innards 

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