[Gold Plan] BlackMagic JetPack Lut Set – Potato Jet

I designed these LUTs to optimize the look out of my BMPCC. Always use the “Film” Dynamic Range Setting and try slapping these bad boys on there.

Here’s a tutorial on how I use these LUTs on Premiere. 

But if you’re on a different editing software, you can find LUT tutorials on youtube for your editing software.


  1. Cinema Jetpack – Currently my GO TO LUT For a general Cinematic Camera Look.
  2. Quickfix – This is a basic LUT which will get your footage looking ready. Simple but effective when you’re not looking to stylize much.
  3. SilverLake – The Trendy Hipster Look which makes everything look like a music festival. Throw in some Electronic Music, drop in this LUT, and it’s party time!
  4. Equator – A gentle warm look. I love using this one in nature or when I’m traveling to tropical destinations. If there’s a pina colada in the shot, this is the LUT to use!
  5. LAPD – A dark cold desaturated rugged look. I like using this LUT when I’m in urban areas surrounded by skyscrapers.
  6. POP – A Vibrant, Ultra-Rich style to get that image to… well…
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